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Family Owned & Operated —Paving Texas for Over 40 Years!

Specializing in Commercial & Residential Texas Chip Seal / Tar & Chip Paving

A personal message from Matthew Carroll, owner of M. Carroll Blacktop Service.

In 1972, my two grandfathers joined together to start a Texas paving business to support their growing families. After losing my father at an early age, I joined the family business, working with my grand-dads to learn all about the paving trade from the ground up.

During the hot summer months, we would migrate north to Colorado, where our high-quality workmanship, fair prices and good reputation allowed us to pave lots of roads, parking lots and driveways there too.

When my grandfathers became too old to continue working, I used the knowledge and experience that I'd been gathering since I was a boy, and took over our family business. Besides teaching me the top-quality paving techniques they'd become known for, my grand-dads also taught me the importance of honesty, integrity and excellent customer service. Those are lessons I carry with me to this day.

My 18-year-old son has been following in my footsteps, enthusiastically embracing our family business and a strong work ethic. He, along with our other dedicated employees, has allowed us to prosper, even in these challenging times. If my younger sons have the same interest and dedication, we'll welcome them to join our growing business when the time comes, too.

Specializing in a more cost-effective type of asphalt paving known as Tar & Chip (also called Chip & Seal paving), M. Carroll Blacktop Service's main objective is to satisfy our customers. We know that our continued success will follow from that simple philosophy.

We do very little advertising, but owe our success to our loyal repeat customers and great word of mouth. The way the economy is today, I've decided to add some modern marketing to our company, using our website to reach out to new customers throughout Texas.

Unfortunately, the paving industry has gathered a mixed reputation due to some unscrupulous tactics. I can promise you that we will never use high-pressure, pushy sales tactics. We will answer all of your questions and provide an honest, competitive price quote. All without the high pressure.

This is our commitment — Quality workmanship & competitive pricing without the hard sell.

Matt Carroll
Owner, M. Carroll Blacktop Service

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